Unable to setup email accounts

I am unable to setup email accounts despite having set the MX records. 5international.com

It’s disabled already.


Due to spam, but if you really want it then purchase the iFastNet Premium.


@Admin can you pls respond to the issue

@katufo Already answered you.

You should use email providers like Zoho.


So basically ther are no 10 email accounts available with free account as promoted ?? Great!

No, It’s already disabled due to prevent spam. I assume Admin has forgotten to remove the 10 Email acc mark.


In the same promotion it was also mentioned it’s 100% free for life hosting without ads. Is that correct or not?

Yes! InfinityFree doesn’t put ads on your website. You have the choice to put ads or not.


Sure, I can respond.

Like everyone here said: it’s disabled. Not sure why you need me to repeat this.

Where does it say that? I believe the email accounts were removed from all the feature pages already. If I missed one, can you please point out where that is?

Yes, that is still correct.

Although, it should be noted that we reserve the right to make changes to the service when we want, which may be good or bad for you. So we had email but don’t have it anymore.

In that regard, “free for life” may not be an entirely accurate statement. But we don’t have any time limits on our plans and have no intent to change that any time soon. But that doesn’t mean we can never change that.


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