Unable to set nameserver for .de domain

I am currently trying to add a custom domain to my website “satisfactory-server.infinityfreeapp.com”.

The problem is that I cannot set the nameserver to “ns1.epizy” and “ns2.epizy” at my domain registrar. I already contacted them and they answered the following:

" According to our check, these nameservers are not configured correctly for your domain name, as .DE domains have some DNS configuration peculiarities.

In this case you will need to contact your DNS provider (that gave you [ns1.epizy] and [ns2.epizy] nameservers) and ask them to configure the nameservers according to .DE Registry rules (they should know what to do). After that you will be able to change the nameservers without any issues."

Now my problem is that I cannot contact Infinity directly as suggested by my domain registrar.

Does anyone has an idea what to do now and how to get it working? Or did someone else made a .de domain work on Infinity?

Because of their nameserver rules, hosting a .de domain is not possible in InfinityFree.


I think this is the cause of your issues.


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