Unable to send mail

Trying to send mail through phpmailer but unable to connect cpanel.freehosting.com getting

Connection refused (111), where as from dev environment we can easily connect.
Please advice

is this related to infinity free?

I mean you should tell it on freehosting.com community if your question is related to freehosting.com

edit: contact them :confused:

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Ah, and FreeHosting.com doesn’t have a community forum like we do. If your question is related to FreeHosting.com, please submit a support ticket from here.

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If I understand it correctly, your website is hosted on InfinityFree but you are trying to send email through the servers of freehosting.com?

Which port number do you use to connect? If it’s port 587 or 465, it should be fine, but other ports may be blocked.

That said, looking on their website, it looks like freehosting.com also doesn’t allow PHP mail, so I’m not sure how well they’ll like it if you start sending automated emails through their servers.

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