Unable to send Emails but Receive is fine

My website URL is: jchahal.ca

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

I have configured the MX records as advised and checked that cloudfare is not enabled as well. Sufficient time has been given after I did these settings.

Upon searching my domain on mx tool i get bunch of errors saying the nameservers didnt respond.
Could someone please help me with this.

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There are few points to note here:

First of all, MX records only affect receiving email, not sending email. The fact that you can receive email means your MX record is correct. Whatever is preventing you from sending email is clearly unrelated to your MX configuration.

There seems to be some sort of problem with MXtoolbox and retrieving MX records from our nameservers. I don’t know why that happens, because other DNS lookup tools work fine:

As for sending email, can you please clarify how you sent the email and where you were unable to receive it?

A good place to start debugging email sending is http://mail-tester.com . Simply create an address there, send an email to it and check the results (or not, if the email is never delivered). If you need help interpreting the results, just share the URL here.


So here are the results:

Seems like its sending the email alright but proper authentication is not happening.
I tried sending it to bunch of other email addresses : gmail.com, yahoo.com etc and didnt get at either of them.
Any help would be appreciated.

It looks like the mail server IP address is currently in some blacklisted, and there are some configuration issues too for our DNS. I’ve reported this to iFastNet and I hope they can come up with a good solution for this.


Hi there, any update on my situation ?

Yes, there is an update, but I’m not sure you like it.

Mail server blacklists are hard. We could, in theory, swap in a new IP and you’d be able to send email again for a week (give or take). But it’s inevitable that any new IP is blacklisted again soon.

This issue has resurfaced the debate as to whether we should offer the webmail service in the first place.

If you want a reliable email service, now and in the future, you could consider to use a separate email service for your domain name. I’ve been told Zoho and Yandex still offer free tiers for custom domains.


Ok Thanks for the info.
I will look into Zoho and Yandex.
Could you also tell me why does my website take more than 15 secs to load even tho I have no content on it yet, still its very very slow.

Hi, am new to infinity free host and I have added Mx record to ensure I receive mails but my sent mails gets spammed all the time, trying to SPX record to solve that but don’t know the values to add and that would solve my problems right?, help

If there was a DNS record you could add that would guarantee any email would always reach the target inbox, that would make life quite easy for spammers, don’t you think?

Email deliverability is hard, especially on the scale we provide our service. Because of this, email account and forwarder creation has been disabled now. If you want email, you can find another provider to handle email for your domain, or upgrade to premium hosting.


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