Unable to send email but able to recive email

My domain name is www.tektipsntricks.in. I have created email account and configured mx record to point to mx.epizy.com.
I have enabled cloudflare account and also the ssl certificate…
now the problem is that i am not recieving any email to my mailbox [email protected] on roundcube and i am able send email without any problem using round cube
Could you please let me know do i have to change the mx rcord and point it to cloudfare

Are you using the cloudfare in the control panel? How did you enable cloudfare?

A known issue of the Cloudflare integration in our panel is that it breaks incoming email and subdomains. To fix this, you can either stop using our Cloudflare integration, or sign up with Cloudflare yourself through their website.

I have enabled cloudflare through infinity control panel.

The best solution. Disable Cloudflare from your control panel. Then go-to dash.cloudflare.com n register there. Then ask me again I will help u

i Have already removed the cloudflare integration from cpanel. icoming email works fine. i have signed up with cloudflare and added my site in there again. seems like everything is working fine but my website is not showing up with ssl certificate issue by cloudflare which was showing earlier. any ideas.all the ss settings are set fine.
should i need to check with cloudflare support

Your website is working fine from here, including SSL. Cloudflare takes up to 24 hours to setup SSL for free accounts. Apparently, this time is also needed when moving a domain to another Cloudflare account.

But still am getting the error with my https page https://www.tektipsntricks.in/.
It says not secure.unabke to fetch the certificate from cloudflare.

I have purged the dns cache in my cloudflare account and now i am able to get ssl page working.

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