Unable to see my website

Even waiting the requisite time, I’m still unable to see my website. In Firefox (my preferred/default browser) it comes up as a blank screen with a /?z (innocent.epizy.com/?z). In Edge and IE, it comes up with an Epizy placeholder but still not my website. I have another website on Epizy and I’ve compared settings to make sure I have them correct in my new site and they are indeed identical (except for the site-specific files of course). Could this be taking more time to propagate or is there an actual problem? It seems unusual to take this long.

So, today (at least at this moment), I’m seeing the epizy.com placeholder page but still not able to bring up my website. It’s been well beyond 72 hours.

I checked your account, and it was created only two days ago. Remember, there are 24 hours in a day, so 72 hours is three days. So the 72 hours have not passed yet.

That said, if you see the default “Let’s Make Something Awesome” page, that means your domain name and account are fully functional. All you need to do now is to upload your website.

I have the same problem.
Could you help me?


its ok if you cannot… Thank you!

I created my account on Sunday, April 21, 2019, and it’s Friday, April 26,2019 as I write this, so it certainly has been more than 72 hours (and there’s no need to condescendingly lecture me on math skills).

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