Unable to see my site uploaded to mydomainename/htdocs

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Empty site response christinejamet.com, with curl got a 403 Forbidden response nginx

What I see is a blank page


thats it ! but it should not be blank, i’ve uploaded a index.html and a CMS

It seems like my folder is not properly linked to the domaine name … but with check domaine tool, everythings seems ok

I’ve got some PHP Errors, enabling PHP errors, i’ve seen the pb

Did you solve the problem?

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yes, its fine for me thank you very much for asking : th pb was PHP Errors but hided by phpconfig through CPanel

In the future, please refrain from using abbreviations. They can make it very confusing, especially if we do not know what they mean.

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