Unable to retrive data from database

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unable to retrieve data from database in some devices

Example : PO No, Vendor name is updating in a few devices and not updating in some devices. for reference 2 screenshots are given above for working and not working.

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Are you absolutely sure that this is a database issue? Can you please explain a bit more about what kind of debugging you’ve done to come to that conclusion?

I don’t think that this is a database issue, because databases don’t care what device is running the web browser. In the end, the browser triggers the same PHP script, and given the same input values, the database returns the same data.

In both screenshots, is everything else the same? Same user, same SV Station, all querying the same rows? Because if you’re querying different rows or tables for the data, and one of them has data for the specific fields and the other doesn’t, then the database is working fine, and you have a data integrity issue instead. And only you can fix those.

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