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I had taken backup of my wordpress site with all in one wp migrate plug-in( the backup file is of 16 mb) and now I am not able to restore it as file upload limit of wordpress is 10mb only. Please suggest me some way to restore it for free, as it’s my final year project.

Do not use backup plugin.
Use this as a guide instead


I had made my website on wordpress.org (few months ago) and generated the backup file(with .wpress extension) by using all in one wp migrate plug-in and now I need to host it to submit my project to university, so I searched for it on google and I came to know that infinityfree provides best free hosting, so I created my account and installed wordpress on my website, but now I am not able to restore that backup file because of file upload limit, so now is there any way that I can restore it

This is the only way

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But the problem is that I don’t have any html, or php file of my website, the only file I have is that backup file(with .wpress extension)

This should help


Yes, thanks for this

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