Unable to reactivate account

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

lucazani.com also epiz_28845425

Error Message

Validation error
An error occurred while reactivating your account.

Other Information

How can I solve this error? I need simply to wait!? Please help me!

P.S: Only to 1 my account I got this problem…To others not

Can you show a screenshot?

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Here is it


Clearing your cache
Using a different browser
Using a different device
Using a different network
Using a VPN


Ok, i will make an attempt

I tried from another device but the problem seems to be the same

Did you try each of my suggestions? You should also try using a VPN.

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Ok, but i don’t think it’s a problem of my devices but i wink it is at InfinityFree

But i will try anyway with a VPN

@Admin What can I do? Can you please check my website?

Please do not ping the admin. He will check when he comes online, and not sooner. Maybe try removing ad-blockers and extensions, or using a brand new browser.

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So the problem is surely on my device and not on IF hosts?

I don’t know.

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But if is a InfinityFree problem what can I do?

Wait for Admin

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OK, I found the issue. Very interesting though.

In the hosting platform is a restriction that means if the account is suspended too many times, it is locked and requires admin activation.

In the last two weeks, you have deactivated and reactivated your account so many times that you hit this limit. So the account was locked and required admin approval to be reactivated.

Your account has been reactivated now, but do not deactivate the account again unless you intend to have it deleted. If you deactivate it again, you won’t be able to reactivate it yourself and I won’t reactivate it for you either.

I have no idea why you have been deactivating and reactivating your account so often, but I can tell you that deactivating and reactivating an account rarely fixes any issues with your account. So please don’t “try to turn it off and on again” as a first step to solving any issue.


Ok, thank you. I have done this to “optimize” the website
But i have done this on another my site it is ongocorporation.rf.gd and the username is epiz_28426870 can you please reactivate this other please? Thank you!

How do you suppose repeatedly deactivating and reactivating “optimize” a website?

Yep, that one’s reactivated too now. The same “this is the last time” warning applies though.


Ok thank you so much

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