Unable to point my domain from domain.com to my site here

Username epiz_30341619

Website: goat.great-site.net
I have a domain name from domainDotCom that I would like to point to my site here . Nothing seems to work and when I asked support at domainDotCom they told me to ask Infinity free to redirect to goat.great-site.net. I was told Infinity free will do it for me. How do I go about doing this?

For starters, I would suggest to check this article. It describes how to add a domain name to your account:

If you get stuck trying to follow this guide, please clearly say where in the process you’re having trouble, and what you see there. Especially any error messages are really useful for us to understand what’s going on.

Finally, it would help a lot if you could share the domain name you’re trying to setup. It’s very hard for us to check why you’re unable to setup a specific domain name without knowing the domain name.


Yes I have already followed the instructions in the guide you have referred to and my domain’s nameservers were set to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com. Still no success.
The domain name I am trying to set up is goatchicken.ca
I hope this info helps in resolving my problem.

Ok, your namesevers are set to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com correctly, however, due to a process called DNS propagation, they are not completely ready.

Try adding your domain to your account tomorrow, and do not touch your namesever settings before it begins to work.

Further Reading:

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I’m not sure if DNS propagation is the problem. The last time I set those nameservers was 4 days ago and I haven’t touched them since then. Wouldn’t they have propagated by now?

Are you using Freenom? If so, please change the nameserver setting back to “Use Freenom Nameservers”, wait a minute, and change them back. Freenom does some weird stuff, and no one knows why.

No, I’m using domain.com
Thanks Greenreader9 for offering your ideas. I’m really hoping Admin can do something for me after seeing the domain name (goatchicken.ca) that I want to point to my site here.

Did you contact their support? Anyway patience is advisable :stuck_out_tongue:.

Where would I find their support? I assumed the only support was through this forum?

Umm even though I’m not a customer of domain.com, here’s what I found on Google for their support, Contact Our Support Team | Domain.com

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I’ve set the nameservers to ns1.epizy.com and [ns2.epizy.com 4 days ago with no results yet. My domain name is goatchicken.ca
I really hope you can help me with this.

You need to help yourself

Take note of the following

The domain goatchicken.ca is pointing to our nameservers, but not added to a hosting account. So you can now add it to an existing account using the Addon Domains or Parked Domains section or create a new account with it.


Thanks for sharing that screen capture. Where can I find that? It is a handy utility.

No, you add it in the in InfinityFree control panel.

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Thank you Greenreader9. I FINALLY found the Infinity Free sub menu in control panel where I could add my domain. Everything works now.
Thanks everyone for your time, patience, and advice!


Client area under domain checker

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