Unable to park my domain

I can’t park my domain (84436.cf) on my existing website. Any help?

When I try to park, it shows this:

I don’t have any subdomain, and my (84436.cf) nameservers are all pointing to freecluster.eu

It’s been happening for 2 days. Any help?

It’s been over 1 or 2 weeks now. Can someone please help me here?

Hey @84436.

This is a very weird issue which is not in my experience. Unfortunately it is hard for me to tell you what could be causing it. Maybe @Admin knows as he is more experienced.


Well … I am not Moderator … just a passing by normal user like you and saw your question accidentally …

It is interesting that your domain seems like a system internal domain which NS points to bodies.com

I think you should reset the NS record to default and wait for a day then set them to freecluster.eu again …

I am not professional in this … Just provide a personal opinion …

I’ve discussed this problem with our developers, and they suspect the problem is being caused by the fact that your domain name is fully numeric. This is a bug on our end which needs to be fixed, but it means you will not be able to add the domain to your account right now.