Unable to migrate

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Incorrect folder selected. http://stylememate.co is not being served from the folder: /htdocs/

Other Informatioon

I am trying to migrate my website using blogvault. But when i put destination folder as /htdocs/ it shows Incorrect folder selected. http://stylememate.co is not being served from the folder: /htdocs/.

Does it show you full path of your website directory?
Maybe you can try put only: /

I tried. Even that isn’t working.

It doesn’t show full directory only /htdocs/

I’m not familiar with this blogvault thing, but if I had to guess from the message, their service tried to poll your site to figure out which directory the site is uploaded to. If so, this check will likely fail because of this security system:


Site is working now I manually uploaded the files, however I can’t see my dashboard after clicking on my site name Style Me Mate. It just reloads the site.

Please visit this URL stylememate.co/wp-admin/


It says Unknown username. Check again or try your email address.

Can’t access my dashboard now.

you forgot the access data you entered during installation ?

try first with admin admin

if it doesn’t help try via email

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I’m able to login but it shows the same screen that I sent a screenshot of in the previous message. Not being able to see the dashboard or make any changes.

if you want I can open the PM with you (where will you tell me the password)
because I should open devtools in the browser and see if there is any redirection that should not be during login

or you will start by clearing the cache (ctrl + F5)

and other instructions from here like disable plugins and themes


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I tried disabling plugins but still the error persists. When I disabled themes My site is completely blank after logging in.

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the conversation continued in the PM