Unable to login to your FTP account. Please ensure the password in the client area is the correct pa

what does this mean? I just want to have a redirect on my infinityfree site. How do I fix this?

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Perhaps this…

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am See the same issue as well

Just like the issue in the topic from @DanielCodes, this seems to be caused by a bug in the client area.

We recently made some operating system changes. This led to a nice boost in performance (which was expected) but seems to have caused an issue with FTP over SSL in PHP.

I’m currently trying to find the solution to this.

UPDATE: After some additional investigation, it looks like that there is a compatibility issue in the configuration between the free hosting FTP server and the client area. This is going to be hard to fix properly, but I’ve implemented a workaround that should allow the FTP features to work again.