Unable to login to the WordPress Dashboard

Hello Team,

Hope you all are fine.

Today, i am facing a very unusual issue. Which i have never come across before.
Here is the story, I created a demo e-commerce website for education purpose. It was all working fine until this morning. Now, all of sudden i started throwing me this error: “There has been a critical error on this website.”, when i am trying to login to this website: http://larlappa.epizy.com/

Now, please help me correct this website ASAP.

I am seriously not happy with this. I just wanted to keep this website for education purpose.

Please help me on this issue and do the needful soon.

Thank you for reading this!!!

Hope you come up with solution.

Kamal Kishore

Please read


But, i did not receive any email from infinity free people

You need to fix your website error yourself

But, how?
i am not able to login.
Try this: http://larlappa.epizy.com/wp-admin

Did you read?

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So, i have to download a fresh copy of WordPress files from wordpress.org and then upload it from file manager…Is this what are you trying to suggest me?

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If it was due to WP corruption, yes.
Else you have to try the second link…

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You can try enabling WP_DEBUG, WP_DEBUG_DESPLAY to find what’s causing the issue.


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