Unable to login to CPanel

Username: epiz_26543402
Error Message: Your password is too short! please use a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 20

I’m unable to login to CPanel using app.infinityfree.net since this morning. I tried to login to see if I could login to FileManager using CPanel, then this error shows up.

Although I was able to access the CPanel around 9:30AM ISD

Oh yeah… Also I’m sure that the password I entered has more than 8 characters.

Same issue here. May be related to accounts redirecting to suspended-domain.org.

Nop… Well my website isn’t getting redirected… It’s a common issue for everyone I assume. Possible with the storage server and that would be iFastNet. Don’t think this is the error from InfinityFree. IDK Maybe…

UPDATE: Yes, mine got down too at 10:36 31-12-2020 IST

My account has the same error just today even though I am putting in the correct password. My website also redirects to suspendeddomain.org. I wonder if both issues are related…

Mine has just went down, cannot login using ftp, and also cannot login to control panel it says “password is to short”

Well one of my site is redirecting to the site you mentioned while the other one is still up… I’m assuming it’ll go down soon

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