Unable to login to cPanel and File manager

username: epiz_30519698
website: https://ptclab.site

I cannot log in to Cpanel and the file manager of my website. It shows an error.

That’s what happens when you click “control panel” and “file manager” buttons in client area respectively?



Reset your hosting account password from client area and wait few minutes.


It Worked. Thank You!


You’re welcome!


It happened again. Unable to login to cPanel and File Manager.

Something is wrong. Try to reset your password again?

Tried again and again but unable to login.


Now my website is suspended but it is active in my infinity account.

How do you expect your domain to work when it is not added to an hosting account?

My website domain has been removed from my account?

You should know that.


It was in my account and just 2 minutes ago it was removed from my account by itself.

Now I had added my domain to infinity free again but I am still not able to login to file manager and control panel.

Username: epiz_30519698
Website: https://ptclab.site

I am facing an issue with my account. Today morning I logged in to my infinity free account and tried to log in to Cpanel and file manager by clicking buttons in my account. But I was unable to log in. Then I tried changing my password. It worked. I was then able to log in to my Cpanel and file manager. But after 5 minutes I was again not able to login to Cpanel and file manager. Then all of a sudden, my website went suspended. I checked my account, and 4 domains added to my account were removed. I added my domain again. But still, my domain is redirected to suspended domain. Then I tried to log in to Cpanel and PHPMyAdmin. My 4 databases were removed. My main database for my main website ptclab.site was also removed. I can’t afford to lose this database data. Please solve my issue.

Its showing blank page for me…not redirect to suspended page

just 2 minutes ago website started working normally but what about my database.

My database was deleted by itself. please restore my database. It has very valuable information.
Username: epiz_30519698

There could be an outage.
You should always keep a backup