Unable to link two pages in my website

Hi, I have a website and I linked the homepage(index.html) with another page(coffee.html) and it works. Now I want to link coffee.html with another page but it doesn’t work. I get an error 403.
Could the reason be that the page I want to display has a video API implemented ( but it actually works if I only publish this file as index.hmtl and remove the other pages)
Thanks in advance

Can you please provide the actual website URLs so we can see the issue? “Some [unspecified] URLs give a 403 error” doesn’t exactly provide us a lot to go on.

The problem occurs when you click on Random Coffee Room

have you tried commenting-out the video api code to isolate the cause?

Or change “videochat.html” to a bare bones page and slowly start adding elements back into it. Takes time, but that will eventually show which code is causing the problem.

I doubt it’s the cause of the 403 problem, but the href link has problems - -

<div id="room2"><br> <a href="videochat.html"><h3 class="texts"><i class="fas fa-sync-alt"></i> <br>Random Room<h3></a></div>

You didn’t close the h3 tag. Link should still work, but sometimes small things can cause problems.

The reason those links don’t work is because we don’t allow live chat sites on our hosting. Please find another hosting for such sites.


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