Unable to link another html page with home page?

Hi…I’m unable to link next html page with home page(which is placed in htdocs/CA_Website directory) because I’m unable to view url of the same page. How to link that ?

My website url is " http://currentaffairsforcivilservices.epizy.com "

Snapshot is attached–fig.1, fig.2 and fig.3

I’m trying to open in Chrome.
Please assist me.!

Use this a tag to embed the page into a link:

<a href="./CA_Website/All-Years.html"><b>Start Current Affairs </b></a>

and embed it in a button with classes button and button4.

ok thanks…the page started showing on the link.
But, image above on page (placed in folder CA_Website with name CACS_Logo_Strip.png) not showing and link for next page (placed in folder CA_Website with name) also not working ?

Link is here http://currentaffairsforcivilservices.epizy.com/CA_Website/All-Years.html

There are many ways to create URLs to the same page, although they works slightly different depending on which URL format you use.

@Ergastolator1 used a form of relative URLs, where the final URL depends on which page you are trying to load the URL from. However, since the All-Years.html page is already in the CA_Website, and you take the relative URL ./CA_Website/CACS_Logo_Strip.png from this folder, it will direct your browser to load the image at:


Obviously, this is not correct.

My personal preference is usually to use URLs which are relative to the root of the domain. So instead of using ./CA_Website/CACS_Logo_Strip.png, I use /CA_Website/CACS_Logo_Strip.png, which becomes http://currentaffairsforcivilservices.epizy.com/CA_Website/CACS_Logo_Strip.png regardless of where you are on your website.

This post explains the different URLs types in more detail:

Thank you for your response.

Next problem is occurring…
On web portal when I put pointer on July (Button), it shows linked as " /CA_Website/July_19/July_2019 " which is wrong.


But in editor window coding link is different


which is actually right one !!

So, in short I’m unable to edit the link on web page through editor window (html file uploaded in ftp). What should I do ?

The problem with the July_19 folder is exactly the same one as you had with the image: if you start the URL with no slashes or dots, the URL will be parsed as being relative to the current directory.

Please read the link I sent to you before and try to understand what it means. Once you understand what the different ways to write a URL are and what they do, it becomes quite easy to understand why your URLs don’t do what you expect them to do.

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