Unable to install wordpress , stuck at 95%

I’m having problem install wordpress on my free hosting account.

Each time I tried the installation script would just stop at 95%.

softculous error log showed :

[epiz_3000] [2021-11-10 03:04:18] [software] Ajax HTTPS Check : https://demoxxxxx.great-site.net | Result : false

I have installed SSL but the installation script still stop at 95%.

My question : -

  1. Does free account allow to install wordpress?
    2.I have tried deleting all content on htdocs as suggested by other thread but still face the same problem, so what can I do next?

The url https://demoxxxxx.great-site.net is not a real url. The actual one can be accessed with https.

You should try waiting for some time. Or try from another browser … Or clear your cache. Also, it may be a hosting issue. Any of this is possible.

Install WordPress over http from Softaculous. Then, type the following in your .htaccess in your htdocs folder:

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Yes like @wackyblackie said. Once installed, you can change the site url to the https version. Make sure to wait for some time and purge your cache.

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I tried http which is the defauct but the error in softaculous log still showing the same error and the installation stall at 95% which is at “checking submitted data” process and then after 5 mins or so with error message “oopsss lost connection”.

I haved tried install joomla but the problem still the same stuck at 95% and with same errors.

Tried using other browser but problem still there. I believe it could be softaculous script problem.

Do each step one at a time, after completion of a step, test installation again.

  1. Clear your cache
  2. Use a different browser
  3. Use a VPN
  4. Use a different network (Cellular data, ect.) OR a different computer
  5. Do step 4 but with the other option

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