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I’m trying to install Concrete CMS with “www.https” but it can’t find a valid SSL certificate.
2 days ago I installed an SSL but it’s currently in draft, whatever that means. Please see attachments and advise.

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go to the ssl certificate itself and press 'automatically setup CNAME records" or something along the lines of that, After that, You can install SSL now.

This tutorial might help


Thanks but I’ve already read the instructions and have been following them for the past 3 days.

Note that due to limitations with the SSL support on free hosting, Softaculous may have problems detecting it, even if you have valid SSL installed. If that’s the case, you can work around it by just installing the site with http:// instead of https://, and changing the site URL afterwards.


I’ll let it propagate for 24 hours and then will try to manually enter the site using the https url. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll close my account and move on to another hosting company.

Click on this

What do you see?


I checked your SSL certificate request. The CNAME record is live now and you can now click the Request Certificate button to actually get it.

Like it said on the page, DNS records can take a few hours to take effect. This is just how DNS works. It’s not indicative of an issue on our end, and DNS works the same with every other hosting provider in the world.


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