Unable to generate SSL Certificate

Website URL: septarap.2web.io

Error Message: " Unable to login to your hosting account. Please make sure the account is active and the password in the client area is correct."

Other Information

Whenever I attempt to generate SSL Certificate, i get this error. Please help.
Also, Is there a way to change the username?

Please screenshot where you are stuck


You mean when you try to install it? That error does not show when you create one I don’t think.

And the error is exactly what it says. Make sure that the account is active and it works. You can test this my clicking the “control panel” button in the client area and see if it works.


As for the username, no, it can‘t be changed. But since you are the only person who knows it, it does not really matter.


My account appears to be active

I got it! Basically, my FTP password was different from my cpanel password. Maybe that’s why the issue occurred. I’m in the clear now. Thanks to @KangJL and @Greenreader9 for your help :slight_smile:


Eh… no, your account password is your account password, and it’s the same for the control panel, for FTP and for MySQL.

If you used the password reset functionality of the control panel itself, that’s why the integration broke. The client area can update the password of the control panel, but not the other way around. This is one of the reasons why you should never use the password reset functionality of the control panel, always manage your account password through the client area.


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