Unable to force all traffic to HTTPS

I want to force all traffic from http to https but I’m getting this error below.

This page isn’t working

alapdorl.xyz redirected you too many times.


My site: https://alapdorl.xyz/

I tried all code snippets from this Stackoverflow Post.
Any help, thanks in advance.

Are you using wordpress?

Yes I see this error and this error is normal when you use Cloudflare.
I see that you are using Cloudflare.
No worries, what you need to do is to disable force https in cloudflare.

What actually happening is Your main website is redirecting to https and clashing with cloudflare.
If you are using wordpress, download Flexible Cloudflare SSL plugin after deactivating cloudflare for a moment, and then reactivate it to get no worries.

Also make your internal URLs non-https because cloudflare will do the work.
Any more help needed, I am just a message away.


If you are using WordPress, please make sure you have configured your website like this:


@allroundernaman Thanks lot for your help

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I’m not using WordPress

Another simple alternative if you want full/strict mode would be to install an InfinityFree SSL from the Client Area.

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