Unable to find CNAME and SSL in the internet

Website Url: https://demoecommerceonebytf.infinityfreeapp.com

I have create this account today and I have added free SSL.
I am able to found its HTTPS info through search in “mxtoolbox HTTPS lookup” but I am unable to find CNAME info through search in “mxtoolbox CNAME lookup” and also unable to find SSL info through search in “ssllabs ssltest”.

Can you tell me why it happening??

I just checked your website and it seems to be using HTTPS just fine now. Is this also the case for you?

And if so, then what do you need to lookup or get information form? If HTTPS works, then it works, doesn’t it? What other info do you need?

The CNAME record is only relevant while requesting the SSL certificate and can be safely deleted afterwards. SSLLabs is known to show some warnings, but this is fine as explained here: HTTPS and SSL - InfinityFree Forum

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