Unable to extract files from "wp/wp-content/Script.zip". Unable to save ".htaccess"

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Unable to extract files from “wp/wp-content/Script.zip”.
Unable to save “.htaccess”

Other Information

This is very bad about Infinity Free,
Why i can’t extract a 2mb zip file in file manager.ai or wordpress file manager

Other hosting service works both well!
Tell me clearly, and also don’t tell me use FileZilla :expressionless:

The online file manager rarely works for extracting ZIPs. You can extract it on your computer and upload it.

Also, why not use FileZilla? The online file manager has the bare minimum needed to work.


Why not?

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Are you also unable to extract the zip with the web based file manager? What is the error you see there?

Extracting ZIP files from PHP is messy. I don’t know why it works better elsewhere than it does here.

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