Unable to export my backup to local file in all in one migration plugin for wordpress

Hello guys, i am facing issues in downloading my website backup through all in one migration plugin for WordPress. When I try to download the backup file in my pc, it is showing server error. I am exporting my backups from a long time in my pc but never encountered such error. But from the last two days, this issue is not allowing me to take backup. I tried deactivating and reinstalling the plugin, but it is still showing error.
Help me out guys, i need to take backup as soon as possible as my hosting is about to expire. Please help me out fast.
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In my opinion: don’t use backup/migration plugins. These kinds of issues are par for the course as far as I can tell.

I highly recommend to take a backup the old fashioned way: just download the files over FTP and the database through phpMyAdmin.


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