Unable to erase email forwarder with illegal character

My website URL is: initial.epizy.com`

What I’m seeing is: Destination address contains illegal characters please report this to support

I’m using this software:

Additional information:
I cannot erase a forwarding email. when trying to erase a forwarded email that contains a “+” character, I get an error message shows above. How can I successfully erase this forwarder?

There is a bug in the email forwarder system where it allows email forwarders with a plus to be created, but these forwarders don’t work and cannot be deleted. And they need to be removed by a system admin.

Can you tell me which forwarder(s) you would like to have removed?

Please remove all of them. I will re-instate the forwarders I’d like to keep.

Thank you for the prompt response and help! I’m really impressed by your service and will definitely let me colleagues know.

Thank you. The forwarders have been deleted and the underlying issue should be fixed as well.

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