Unable to edit / save page and unable to see images

epiz_28117283 // https://tedllanes.gq/

Hi before anything else, I have recently gone through migration but from the recent DDoS attack, was having a hard time migrating, so I reverted back to my original account, been into a few SSL errors but it’s now fixed, thank you admin and greenreader9 <3

I am now having these two problems atm.

Updating failed. the response is not a valid json response upon clicking save from editing a post/page

and I couldn’t see my images from my portfolio here http://tedllanes.gq/portfolio/

Please help.

All of your images are returning a 404 error. Make sure they are all setup correctly in the page editor.

As for the JASON response, your site may be on the edge of suspension (At least, that was the reason when it happened to me), so you may just want to wait a half-hour and try again.

The website redirects to suspended-domain.com/u/

I’m on free feature, and they apparently suspended my website after an hour. it will be back on 2AM PST

What’s the cause of your JSON response problem?

My website was about to be suspended. It was suspended about 5mins after that. I guess that is the systems way of telling me I was editing my site too much today :slight_smile:

I saw this thread and found out this.

It is slow in updating and gives you error in json response. It’s not about being suspended.

Does anyone have a solution with this?

I found out that Classic Editor plugin works when you update (edit/save), however the block editor doesn’t. Any tips on how do I fix the block editor?

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Your right! The suspension thing may have just been what I thought it was, but now that I look again, it is exactly that. I will second your question for tips, as I am stuck on this as well.

Switch to classic editor?

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I already did but tbh block editor is way more convenient than the classic.

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