Unable to edit/save header.php from wordpress

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to edit the header.php from within WordPress but I get an error, see below. Do you think this is a problem with the install or a set limitation?

what error?

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sorry had to edit the photo to remove the ID:)

I can login via ftp but the only way I know would be to download the file, edit, upload again. Not even sure where the header.php is located in the maze of wordpress dir structure lol

hmm…looking around but cannot find header.php on ftp looking through the folders. Nothing is where i often expect with with WordPress involved :smiley:

By default, header.php is located in wp-content/themes/themename.


I was almost there., saved me a few minutes there thank you:)

I should try find wizardry out there (ftp client) that can search directories :laughing:

Thank you everyone for assisting, I bet some of this is really simply to many of you, I really appreciate it!

I have added the code and saved successfully but Google Analytics cannot detect any visitors (Should see myself when I test go from 0 - 1 users at least).

I guess my question now is, can I check host server side where the communication might be failing?

Ok I cracked it :smiley:

I installed Monsterinsites Google plugin and I can now see live data.


The “Unable to communicate back…” issue is probably caused by this security system:

Editing the file through FTP or a file manager (like you did) is definitely the right way to work around this.


Thanks once again Infinity staff And forum
For amazing support.

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