Unable to do anything with my website.

5 days ago, i had posted the following Problems accessing website forums and unable to connect to website ftp and it was never commented on or looked into.

I am still having the problems I stated in that post. Only the website’s main index.html page and the forums initial main page are being displayed. No subsequent pages on the forums are being sentd to myself or any of my users.

And all my attempts to connect the my website’s ftp account to possibly fix any problems that is being caused by missing/damaged files is being refused by Infinity’s webserver. See error message I posted in previous post for details.

Even though Online File Manager is very limited on what it can do, and fucks up with most of what it is able to do. I have been attempting to fix my website forums by way of the Online File Manager through CPanel.

But as of 1 hour ago, I am unable to use Online File Manager now. Every attempt to use it produces a Error 404 from the server.

What is going here???

For starters, the FTP server itself seems to be working normally. After all, if FTP didn’t work on your account, the file managers wouldn’t work either. As to why you’re not able to connect to FTP yourself, I don’t know.

Also, you say “the website” doesn’t work, but you have multiple domain names and all of them are working normally as far as I can tell.