Unable to create Certificates

My Domain is Oeildepirate.com
I keep trying to request a certificate, but its still failing.

the Cname are pointing correctly; once i get them both green and verified, and most of the time one of them fails.

I need your help please

Like it says on Step 1 of the SSL domains page:

Please note that DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

You created your SSL domain earlier today, so you may see flaky DNS responses. Please just try again tomorrow.



now my Cname are verified,
however, I got the below Error
SSL certificate error: Let\s Encrypt encountered an error verifying the DNS settings of your domain name. Pleaes try again later.

is it related to the fact that i newly created them?


I can understand your encountered problem but you don’t need worry about it just visit infinity site click on free SSL certificate in side corner request SSL certificate by placing DNS record in control panel, you also avail SSL certificate by cloudflair in control panel section cloudflair is partner of infinity.

Possibly. But as far as I know, this is mainly caused by ongoing issues with the SSL system, which is described here:

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I can understand about your issue use cloudflair.
Than request for SSL certificate after setup DNS record.

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