Unable to connect

Hi this is my first attempt to upload a test site and I can’t connect to my database…

The steps I took was:

  1. I uploaded my custom made files via the file manager
  2. I created a database In MySQL databases section and copied all the content from my local database there.
  3. I adjusted the conection.php file to match the guidlines BUT i get the following:

Warning : mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002): Connection timed out in /home/vol15_7/epizy.com/epiz_24204928/htdocs/includes/connection.php on line 10
Unable to connect
Connect Error: Connection timed out

My code is:

<?php ini_set('display_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); $db="(my databases name)"; $pass="(the account password)"; $user="(the acount username)"; $host="sql308.epizy.com"; $connection=mysqli_connect($db,$pass,$user,$host); if(!$connection){ echo 'Unable to connect'; mysqli_connect_error(); echo '
'; die('Connect Error: ' . mysqli_connect_error()); } ?>


Yeah I checked this out already… bet I made a noob mistake but still can’t pinpoint it

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