Unable to connect with mysql database through php

My website is this: http://johntest.epizy.com/login.php

I created a mysql database. It’s name is like this: epiz_23392721_mydatabasename

password is same as cpael password.
I am using this information as mentioned in the link which opens on clicking the MySQL Databases present in database section.

Problem is: I always get below error:

Failed to connect to MySQL: Access denied for user ‘epiz_23392721’@‘’ (using password: YES)

Can somebody tell why this is happening?

I’ve checked your website settings and it looks like you’re not using the right database password. Please note that you need to use the password of the hosting account to connect. The hosting account password is generated randomly, it’s not the same as your client area password.

I am using cpanel password. Isn’t that right to use cpanel password to access database?


Fixed. Many thanks

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If you’re referring to cpanel.epizy.com, that is the right password. But the password you’re using is not the cpanel password. It’s easy to tell: hosting account passwords don’t support special characters.

It is fixed now. You can close this ticket.

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