Unable to Connect to Server



Error Message

When uploading using FTP, Website X5 reports >Connection Starting connection
Then after a period of time >"Unable to connect to Server. Please check with your Internet Provider that you have the correct connection information. "

I have been using Website X5 and this domain for 12 months with no issues, this is the first time I have experienced a problem.

Other Information

I have checked I am using correct upload details Username, password etc

ok to me

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When I try to update from Website X5 I get this:

Can you try using filezilla?

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HiI Tried SmartFTP and got the following result, if that helps?

Please try FileZilla. It can provide us with helpful error logs that can be used in debugging.

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Hi Similar result with FileZilla

The IP resolved is wrong. Should be
Try replacing ftpupload.net with

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Yes that worked?

Does that mean I now have to use when uploading and is it the same address for the sub domains? Many thanks Peter

Yes. Replace “ftpupload.net” with that IP every time you use FTP. You may be able replace it with ftp.epizy.com and see if that works (Since that is easier to remember.)


Thank you very much for your prompt help, much appreciated.


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