Unable to connect to MySQL ,no such file or directory

URL - www.medcare.rf.gd

Whenever I try to login doctor or patient account,it says unable to connect to MySQL,no such file or directory.

I even created a MySQL database and imported my sql file too.and the error seems to be the same

If that url doesn’t work ,try :www.medcare.ml

This error means that you are using localhost as your database hostname. Please check the control panel of your hosting account to see the actual database hostname you should use.


How do I change my database hostname ??cause it doesn’t ask when I create a database.

The database hostname is not a value you can configure, it is the address of the server where the databases of your account are hosted on.

Some hosting platforms host the database on the same server as they host the websites (in which case you can use the hostname localhost), but we use separate servers for databases and websites, each optimized for their specific task.

So instead, the database hostname is a value which should be passed to your software to make it connect to the right server.

Hmm thanks a lot. I got the error rectified

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