Unable to connect to MySQL Database via PHP


What I’m seeing is:

Access Denied error message. Unable to connect to database.

I’m using this software:

Manually code and using PHP

Additional information:

Hi Guys,

Whatever I try, I can not connect to my MySQL database with my PHP code but I can with PHPmyadmin.

This is my code and I was wondering what your thoughts are. Do permissions need resetting?

<?php session_start(); $conn = new mysqli("sql300.epizy.com", "epiz_24724083", "***MyPassword***", "epiz_24724083_wobblyfootgamer") or die ('Error connecting to mysql'); $today = date("F j, Y, g:i a"); ?>

Many thanks.


Thanks Ergastyolator1,

I’ve already read that very helpful page and i’ve also looked through the forums and the PHP and MySql forums to check my code but I still get the error message “Access Denied”

Many Thanks

Well, unless something changed over the last 5 minutes (and I haven’t changed a single line of code) it now works.

You superstar.

Many Thanks

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