Unable to connect - SSL Error


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This site can’t provide a secure connection

lndgamers.com sent an invalid response.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


Other Information

I’ve deleted the ssl domain and still can’t get it to work. It failed to connect after forum installation via softaculous and has never worked. Help?

Hello there,

Your site works fine here on my end, check the screenshot I provided above.
Clear your browser cache and make sure that you you use http:// and not https:// if you don’t have a valid SSL certificate installed for your site otherwise the browser will give you an SSL error.


Can someone remove SSL from my site, I’ve tried to add SSL, can create the CSR, but unable to progress beyond that step.

Also please update DNS to allow http://lndgamers.com to work as only http://wwww works and I’m unable to get to the DNS records for the domain.

Please try using the Free SSL Certificates tool in the client area. That’s a tried and tested way to get SSL on your domain name here.

If you haven’t upload an SSL certificate installed, you don’t have SSL.

If that’s not what you mean, can you please specify what you see right now and what you would like to see instead?

Both domain names are working from my end. Please try clearing your browser cache and DNS cache, and/or just wait a day or two for the DNS cache of your internet provider to clear.


You don’t have an valid SSL certificate Installed on your site,




To solve this do this

Or, Use Cloudflare, they both are simple.


How can I delete the 2 SSL certs that were started in the cpanel SSL area?

I’m sorry, but what cpanel SSL area do you mean?

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