Unable to change identity in email and how do I access webmail on its own?


I’m unable to change my identity (Display name, Organisation etc.) as those fields are greyed out.

Why is that? And can it still be edited?

Also, is it possible to access webmail directly online without having to login to InfinityFree account and then click Control Panel?


You can login to webmail directly by simply using the URL the control panel sends you to when you click the button. The button doesn’t do anything special, it’s just a link to the webmail URL.

The webmail identity editing was disabled for security reasons. We don’t want people to freely enter identities because we found that they were used to display false information and commit fraud. We don’t have a way to validate identities effectively yet, so that’s why they have been disabled for now.


Perhaps you can allow trusted people to request it changed? I am in need of this at the moment for my kamildev.net email addresses, e.g. [email protected] and [email protected], to appear more professional.

Or is there any alternative ways?

Hi admmin,

Thanks for replying!

first answer - alright. i’ll use that later

second answer - when i send emails i’ve set to recipients (eg. gmail), it ends up in the spam. that’s why i am thinking of adding my name for the display in the email. but that’s not possible.

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