Unable to backup the files

I want to clone my website.I have free account

Whenever, I used any plug-in, it gets hang or backup failed.

I have used All in one migration, duplicator but all failed, unable to make back up.

Even I have used, filezilla, still some files can’t download.

I have contact All in one migration, as they are helpless, as issue is with the site, I can easily, do in another site, but facing issues in this site only.

If any body has solution or any idea to do it, please say. I am too much frustrated with this site. Just want to download my files & move from here.


Tried FileZilla too, but doesn’t work, I am facing issue in this site only, rest others hosting sites are working fine. Is their any solution, to get the clone the website, especially from this hosting site.

We all aware of number of problems in this site, which are not solved, free account are surfing a lot. Even sometimes, unable to open a site.

Any solution to clone a site, will be appreciated.

I would recommend to avoid backup plugins. In my experience, they tend to break more often than not. And even if you manage to create a backup with them, you may find you’re unable to restore them anyways.

Can you please clarify this a little bit? Which files can’t be downloaded and why? If they show up as Failed Transfer, can you requeue and retry them?

Their is number of files, which can’t download or back up. I can’t name them individually

When I connect with filezilla, their are some folder’s & within it their are hundreds of files, & out of them, some files are can’t download or back up.

It is too much time wasting & frustrating to spot the files & make a list.

Better then this, I would create new site. But this site is my personal website, where every body visits, so I sticked with this. But problems still occurred, I think I would leave & create new site in another hosting.

I’d love to help you but I need more information to do so. I don’t need a full list of files, but at minimum I need a description of why you can’t download them in order to help you. What do you see? Can you start the download from FileZilla? Does it get stuck? Does it move to the Failed Transfers list? What do the logs at the top of the screen say.

I’d love to help you, but I can’t see through your eyes. So I need a bit more than “a number of files can’t download” in order to understand what the issue is.

The Files in httdocs folder, are unable to download, Their are number of folder in that like css, admin, etc., but inside them, their are some files, The FileZilla, keep on trying, unless it is downloaded or I remove from the list.

The Important is, I want to clone the website, & install it into another site, & setup new site in this one.

If anybody can clone it, it will be appreciated.

I’m sorry, but I have to repeat my last questions:

What do you see? Can you start the download from FileZilla? Does it get stuck? Does it move to the Failed Transfers list? What do the logs at the top of the screen say?

Can you please answer all of these questions? Please add screenshots, logs, and error messages. I would like to help you, but I need to know what FileZilla is doing to do so. Your interpretation of that doesn’t give me enough information.

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