Unable to add Woocommerce to WordPress

Im hoping someone could help me with this. I have tried now for the past week to install the plugin WooCommerce to WordPress and it always says update failed! The error just says a fatal error occurred.

I have tried to ftp the files to the wordpress directory and either fails with an error or i get a connection time out.
I have even tried using an older version of Woocommerce
I have tried to delete the WordPress installation and re install it with no luck.
Ive confirmed that the plugin does work on WordPress as i created another free 000Webhost account and added WordPress to that and added the plugin and it worked great.

Hello there,

Could you please check this KB article and see if it helps:


Thanks for the reply, Yes i tried those steps in the KB article.
I removed the broken plugin that was half installed and tried to install the plugin woocommerce again but failed again. I removed the half installed plugin and then tried to FTP the files directly but the FTP failed with a connection time out.
The theme seems to be fine and is working, i can add other plugins but when i try and add the WooCommerce plugin it always fails


Yep as what the KB article stated, WooCommerce is a heavy plugin and you will have to manually upload the plugin via FTP.

Try using an FTP client software like Filezilla and WinSCP for Windows and ES File Explorer for Android. Take note that there is currently somewhat an ongoing issue with the FTP server lately so FTP might not work properly.


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