Unable to Access WP-Admin

I have just created a hosting account, installed word press. When I try to go to the site or WP-Admin directory, I just get the holding page and not wp homepage or admin dashboard.

Is a redirect issue or default page being incorrectly set?

Maybe try to read this article first:

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Thank you, I have read this, but this does not resolve my problem. It’s not a custom domain that I used, it one assigned by infinity free hosting. sagasuconsulting.epizy.com. I have checked the installation of Word press, that looks fine.

In contrast, I set up another hosting account the same way, no problems.

Please note that the article applies to ALL domain names, not just custom domains. Even if you don’t need to setup your domain’s nameservers, that doesn’t mean that there are no DNS changes. We still need to update our nameservers to link the domain to the right website IP.

DNS propagation can take anywhere from minutes to days. It’s entirely possible that you got lucky once because the domain was not yet cached before accessing it for the first time, and didn’t get lucky the second time.

This is also explained in the article by the way. So like @Ergastolator1 said: please read it first instead of assuming it doesn’t apply to you.

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Thank you for your response. I understand about DNS and DNS propagation, and in that context the article does apply to me absolutely. My question probably no phrased correctly. So until the DNS has propagated I can’t access the Word Press admin?

No, you can still access it using the workarounds from the article:


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