Unable to access Wordpress admin/login page


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I just see a Holding page with adverts

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My subdomain is delegated to Epizys nameservers and Domain checker says that all is okay but still unable to access the Wordpress Login or Admin page.

Please advise if I am missing a step somewhere ?


This is what I see using dig:
shows bodis
Please try removing your domain from your InfinityFree account and add it back again.
If you don’t know how, you can follow this post:


Thanks. I have done this now. I guess I have to wait for DNS Propogation to complete before trying again ?


Note that when you removed and added the domain, it created a new folder for you. Instead of using the /htdocs folder, you now have to use the /vimal.ramdhunee.com/htdocs folder.

Using FTP, move the files from the original htdocs folder to the new one that was created for you.


Just to add:

I noticed that the domain does not lead anywhere nor is it hosted by us

We don’t formally support hosting subdomains (vimal.ramdhunee.com) without their own custom domains (ramdhunee.com) on our hosting. So it may break at some point.
unofficially it is possible but…

It would be ideal if you:
could try to add the domain name to your account here as usual, and set up the subdomain through the Subdomains menu.
After that, you can move the main domain (ramdhunee.com) back to wherever it was hosted before.
Just make sure not to delete the domain from your account, or you won’t be able to create more subdomains.



Ok I have given up trying to get vimal.ramdhunee.com to work.

I have tried to setup a new domain with vimal.42web.io

However, when I try to login to the Wordpress admin console, I see the same page with adverts on it ?

What am I doing wrong ?

Most likely is this:

You can try clearing your browser cache, changing your computer’s DNS servers (guide for Windows), or adding this to your hosts file: vimal.42web.io

Domain works fine for me:


Working for me as well


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