Unable to access website.

Yesterday, I was not able access my website. At first I had thought that it was a problem with my domain host, as it had happen once before. And I went and updated the domain name information. (The same way last time I had this problem.) But, even after waiting 6 hours I was still not able to access the website. I tried pinging the site by domain name and I even tried doing a traceroute. But, each time I received an error that the server was not found.

I had sent an email to one of my users asking if he was able to access the website, and forums. I did not get a response back until around 2PM UTC-7 today. He was not able to access the website at all yesterday.

But, earlier I was finally able to access the website and forums. It was a full 26hrs later when I was finally able too. But, my user is still unable to access the website at all. In fact while I am able to ping the website, but all packets are lost, and to a traceroute that end after 5 hops from me without reaching the server. He is unable to to do the same. Even when using Ping and Traceroute from Ping.eu he is unable to.

Now, I do have a backup of the website setup on the same account using a different domainname. And when doing a ping and traceroute from Ping.eu, I am able to get a complete ping without any packet lose and get a complete route to the website.

I have asked my user to try to see if he can access the backup website. But, he has not gotten back to me on that yet.

There is something going on with the server. Please check into this.

The websites in question are:

MAIN: actools.cu.cc
Backup: actool.usa.cc

I’ve checked your domain name, and I think this is what’s going on.

Your domain name is configured correctly. However, cu.cc is starting to fall apart, so the domain name did not resolve for a while due to an issue on their end. Your internet provider and your user’s internet provider remembered these bad results which is why they refused to look up the website. Your own internet provider has rechecked the domain’s settings and now knows to load your website from your InfinityFree account. However, your user’s ISP hasn’t done that yet so the user cannot load the website yet. This should fix itself automatically in a day or two.

Our servers block traceroute and ping requests. Even if a server is fully functional and running at peak performance, you cannot ping it. The only way to check whether a server is live or not is by checking if it responds to web (HTTP) requests.