Unable to access website

Hi, Just gone to check on a website I am building but I am unable to access. No changes have been made since it was last up and running.


I am currently being presented with the following error:

This is happening across all browsers. Also I have noticed other users who are having the same issue, is there a wider issue here?

Just to mention I cleared caches, and flushed DNS entries just in case to no avail.


I would just like to confirm issue has now been resolved. After much more digging on the forum I found a another post relating to the change in nameservers. These have now been updated and the website is back up and running.


can you help bro? i face the same problem what are the new nameservers?

Welcome @Retro_R5, just clicked the URL for your site and it came right up, just went to the site, didn’t click on anything.


Welcome @Prox_AMF, please start your own thread and fill out the requested fields, URL, what you’re seeing, software you’re using, any other relevant information.

You will get individual help that way, this topic is for Retro_R5 :wink:


new nameservers are:
ns1.byet. org
ns2.byet. org
ns3.byet. org
ns4.byet. org
ns5.byet. org

I have had to put a space between the . and org as they show up as links and being a new user i can only post 2 links at a time :frowning:

Hopefully that should sort you out, as long as you have not already resolved the issue now.

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