Unable to access URL cpanel.freecluster.eu or My website

I want to know why cpanel.freecluster.eu and Website favbookmark.com becomes non accessible . I am facing this problem from 6/12/2016 till today regularly . I had not received account suspension or any other email . It happens for 4-5 hours then became normal . When i try to access website it shows This site can’t be reached.
I had also tried online site checkers they took more than 5 minutes to display the website cpanel.freecluster.eu . But for favbookmark they failed to load website and were redirected to google page enable/disable cookies.

While you’re not the first to experience issues like these, we don’t do anything with anything Google Cookies related ourselves. Can you please give me the URL of the Google Cookie page and a screenshot so I at least know what kind of page you’re talking about?