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Few days ago, I have deleted my all files from FTP for some reason. After deleting files I am unable to access my site, it allows redirect to this site (https://infinityfree.net/errors/404/) with 404 Page not found error message. Now I am unable to access my FTP account also.

Please help me to solve both these errors.

Isn’t that so normal? If you delete the index.php/index.html you not able to access to site. Because there’s nothing to access.

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How can I fix this now ?

For FTP. Right now there is a problem on infinityfree side.

You must add a index.html file on your site via ftp. but right now ftp is not working.

Can you please tell me little more how can I add this once FTP starts working.


IDK I can share a document in here. I will type for you, hope you get understand;

Start Filezilla
Login with your FTP credentials (what you see on the homepage)
You’ll see few files
Open the .htdocs file
And Drag your html file to there.
And boom.
Now you can access to your site.

Sorry for disturbing you but which html file I have to upload as I didn’t have any file.

create an index.html file and copy paste this codes in it

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Hello World</title>

<h1>This is my webiste</h1>


Thanks I will try this once FTP starts working.

nah, It’s OK. When I was started to learning at the first time I was asking everything to other people.

Btw after creating the index.html file right click > open it with notepad > paste the code > CTRL + S.

And you’re ready to upload your first website.


You’re welcome

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I have one more question, will this file automatically overwrite once I applied any theme from WordPress ?

I think I didn’t understand well.
If you talking about upload via ftp. You must change the theme on wordpress panel.

If you talking about Pick a theme from wordpress panel. You still gotta select new theme on wordpress panel.

I can help if you explain in more detail.


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