Unable to access PHPMyAdmin page

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epiz_28516150 (Website for gracekajang.great-site.net)

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Error Message This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset.

The connection was reset.
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Other Information

I am able get into cpanel, able to click on MYSQL Database but when I click on PHPMyAdmin button the page take very long time in buffering mode and finally prompts with “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”

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Can you try a different browser or device?

Thank you for your prompt reply. But it is still the same when I use another browser.


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appreciate the respond. Unfortunately it is still same in icognito mode. As far as I remember, I did not change any password for my cpanel. I am still able to access my cpanel. I just cant get into phpmyadmin.

Did you try other solutions listed in the article?

yes. I also tried on my mobile device. One strange thing I found out.
on my mobile device, I am able to access cpanel account details page but not able to go into Control Panel. When i switch to my Wifi on my mobile device, then i am able to go into control panel, but unfortunately I hit the same road end, cant access the database page, when clicked on Admin button
My public IP range blocked by server?

I think the server is refusing my IP
this is what i did.

  1. use my WIFI on my mobile device, enter control panel, click MYSQL Databsase, click on Admin button./
  2. wait for Page cannot be reached error.
  3. switch to my Mobile Data, refresh the page, and viola … im in Database page.
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We don’t block any IP addresses or IP ranges. Blanket bans like that are just stupid when they can easily be circumvented with VPNs.

And please don’t forget that it’s not just hosting provider or website operators who can be stupid. Internet providers and network administrators can also be stupid and blanket ban sites, networks and ports.


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