Unable to Access Directory

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Error Message

Error During FTP change directory, permissions denied at:

I am Unable to access directory “/htdocs/public/upload/”
Nethier from Website nor from FTP
It was working fine for me before 2 days. But now when I recreated the directory, it’s unaccessible.

Is it happening only for me?
Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Error Screenshot Attached

Check your folder permissions.If it is under 600 then you can’t access it(no read access).
Try to change the perms back to something like 755(read/write/execute for owner,read/execute for group/others as this is a folder).
If you cannot change it then try to delete the folder and recreate it again.
If you still cannot delete it then you should just forget about this folder and create something else for your public uploads.


Changing the folder permission to 755 worked for me.

Thanks for your help :smile:


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