Unable to access administrative URL wordpress

Following is my Website which I am creating in wordpress.

After installing wordpress when I try to open the administrative URL it is asking me to login in Cpanel. When I enter my FTP credentials( same as account details) it says Invalid Login.
I am new to wordpress and Infinity Free. PLease help.

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It is not a cpanel login page.
Enter the credentials which you entered in Softaculous

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It has opened now after I logged out and logged in again, but still didn’t got the Softculous login thing. As far as I can remember it didn’t asked for any

It should have asked!

During the installation of WordPress (through Softauclous, manually, or whichever other method you used), it should either ask you to enter an admin username and password, or show you a username and password to use.

If you don’t have that password, you can either reinstall WordPress (and make sure to set/record the admin credentials this time) or try to change the password of your existing site:

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You can login to you wordpress admin dashboard by using softaculous.

Open softaculous from vPanel > Click on “Installations” button. > In admin column next to your site there will be an icon of person click on it and you will be logged into your wordpress site admin panel.

After that edit your profile from admin panel and generate a new password.

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