Unable live my website

Yesterday i uploaded my website. www.xxxxx.org/htdocs, my website is html format. i think i point correctly the dns
(Nameserver 1: ns1.byet.org
Nameserver 2: ns2.byet.org
Nameserver 3: ns3.byet.org
Nameserver 4: ns4.byet.org
Nameserver 5: ns5.byet.org) from godaddy. Let me know if i do something wrong because i am not able to see my website giving error 404 page not found!

Please help me

Thank you



From your explanation, the settings are fine, but I’d have to see your website to check what’s actually going on.

Waiting to see live of website!

OK, i just check it again and it is all good for now!

Thanks for the good free service!